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Individual therapy may be short-term  or long-term. The number of sessions and the frequency of appointments depends on the individual’s situation and the recommendations of the therapist.
The exact way in which this therapy is implemented tends to vary depending on the issues in question, the practices of the therapist and the needs of the individual.

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Couples therapy is counseling for couples who are in a relationship, married or not. The goal is to improve the couples' relationship, or sometimes to help them decide whether or not they should continue staying together. Although the focus is on the couple, there are times when the individual psychological issues of one or both parties need to be addressed. Depending on the level of distress in the relationship, therapy can be short-term or over a period of several months.


Family therapy is a type of treatment designed to help with issues that specifically affect families' mental health and functioning. It can help individual family members build stronger relationships, improve communication, and manage conflicts within the family system. Family therapy tends to be short term and solution focused with maintenance as needed.

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Life coaching is for someone motivated to change and needs help to meet and exceed goals in their personal and professional lives. Life coaching is not a substitute for Mental Health Therapy. We do not address mental health in life coaching sessions. Instead, we take the approach to explore what is holding you back from achieving the goals you desire. Sessions are usually short-term and intensive.


 Telehealth can benefit clients who cannot access care due to location, health, or transportation issues. Therapy via an online platform is also conducive for busy individuals or individuals who prefer to do therapy from the comfort of their own homes. Telehealth sessions will be conducted via a secure online platform.

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